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Re: Consolidating Student Loans

This is what I'm saying. My student loans are with Sallie Mae. They show up on my credit report was almost 20 seperate accounts. Some of them show me being late. This should not be the case, but the CRAs won't accept my dispute, and Sallie Mae refuses to offer any assistance. When I pull my credit report from any of the three CRAs, some of them are listed under the "negative items" or "potentially negative accounts" or "accounts not in good standing" or whatever the terminology is on each of the 3 CRAs because they were listed as late. The loans have been in deferrment for a few months, and they were paid on time basically this whole year before they went into deferment.  I'm pulling the reports I got directly from the CRAs after being denied credit was well as went I checked my FiCO score. 


What I'm asking is if I consolidate just those, since I know paying off a loan or consolidating one doesn't really help your credit score, would it be worth it to do it anyway just to have accounts with no late payments add to the report, but not closing the ones with no late payments so I don't lose benefit of the age of those accounts.


I guess in a nutshell what I'm asking can adding accounts with a positive history help your score any or will the fact that the negative history has been there longer counteract that?