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Re: Consolidating Student Loans

Sonic98 wrote:


What I'm asking is if I consolidate just those, since I know paying off a loan or consolidating one doesn't really help your credit score, would it be worth it to do it anyway just to have accounts with no late payments add to the report, but not closing the ones with no late payments so I don't lose benefit of the age of those accounts.

This is a "can't have your cake & eat it too" scenario.  Once you consolidate, the old accounts are closed.  You cannot consolidate to try to start building positive credit history & still try to benefit from having the old tradelines open, too.  Even if you could, it would look like you owed double what you actually owe, & you definitely don't want that.  And in the hypothetical event that those accounts go bad, then you would end up with even more tradelines reporting negatively.

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