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Re: SallieMae - late payments

I had Direct Loans, and that was not at all on my paperwork. Which is apparently not unusual, but this from and

  • Your loan(s) will no longer be considered to be in a default status.
  • The default status reported by your loan holder to the national credit bureaus will be deleted

From the StudentLoanBorrowerAssistance blog:


"Once rehabilitation is complete, the loan is removed from default status and you are eligible for new loans and grants. The default should be removed from your credit record. In most cases, however, the other negative history will remain until it gets too old to report."


There's a thread here as well:


I don't think removal of all negative info is a slam-dunk, although I do think a GW-type approach might be good. It's not begging to ask for a GW, and I'd hate to have someone end up thinking they are entitled to removal when, in fact, they aren't. People get a variety of results largely because there's no solid policy on this.