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Possible to get to a 750 FICO with $42k in student loans?
I already have about a 700 FICO across the board + or - ten pts., but I'll have about $42-50k in Fed Student loans when I grad in a year. I have a lot of credit cards that I manage quite well: $80k avail cred, 10% util, aaoa about three years. I even made an interest payment on some student loans recently.
I am wondering how possible it is to get my score to 750 by the time I grad in say, a year?? Does anyone else here have high student loan debt, but a score that high? I've never missed any payments ever, nor do I plan to... But my student loans might be deferred another year or two. I have no reason to need a 750; I just like working on my score for future purposes- ie home buying or leasing a car...
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