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Clearing alerts needed

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Clearing alerts needed

It's useless seeing the same alerts over and over again.

There needs to be done way to set stays on alerts so only the ones you want to see show up.

Having a read, unread, and flagged status for each alert would be nice along with corresponding tabs to view alerts with each of those statuses and an all alerts for those people who like to see everything.

Additional filtering by type of alert would be nice.

This area needs a lot of work to make it useful.

If you made all your developers use the products they are developing, might realize how user unfriendly some of these features are.
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TjRe: Clearing alerts needed

Agreed. This is annoying and backward. This is 2017. Fix it.

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Re: TjRe: Clearing alerts needed

Totaly agree. Their alert system needs a tremendous amount of work. Mass delete for starters. I don't have the time to click on each one to delete.  If anyone is looking to buy this product know that their alert system needs a ton of work. 

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Re: TjRe: Clearing alerts needed

I cant even find the delete, if i could i'd sit and do it.  I can find no way to clear them off, its kinda tiresome to have 3 years of alerts show up when all i really want is the current month, maybe, and even then probably not so much.

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