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EQ tech issue, SW "no update", 7 weeks w/o reports

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EQ tech issue, SW "no update", 7 weeks w/o reports

I have been having an issue with EQ since April 2nd, 2013 where their Equifax Complete Advantage Plan monitoring system will not let me pull reports. Each call to customer service confirmed that I have too many soft pulls on my report (Reason Code: IC_PE_FL.) It took several calls over weeks to try to get them to fix it as I was bounced between departments, disconnected or told by disputes that "we don't fix that." I finally reached someone in personal solutions that submitted an issue ticket to the technology department. Apparently this is a common issue with EQ (too many soft inquiries), since they have more than one reason code that means this.


We are unable to complete your order at this time. Please contact our Customer Care department at 1-866-4CWATCH (1-866-429-2824) 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00am - 3:00am Eastern Time Zone for immediate assistance. Please record the following information and have it available when you call:

Eval Code:- Status Code: FL, Reason Code: IC_PE_FL


My complaint now is myFICO score watch has sent me weeks of "no SW update" emails. There has never been any notice from myFICO that my report was not accessible. I have submitted a few customer service emails complaining about being charged for a service that is not actually doing anything - no responses.


I already have been disappointed that I get offers to sign up yearly at nearly 33% off what I already pay monthly since I am already a member. When SW can not pull reports, freaking email the customer or state that on the website under their account. Not happy about paying for nothing for two months now. Super not happy about customer service blowing off my emails. 



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Re: EQ tech issue, SW "no update", 7 weeks w/o reports

'Too many softs' wouldn't be a reason for a lack of SW alerts. The reason that can be an issue for EQ's CMS is because having too many softs will lead to a split file. And when you have a split file EQ's service can't decide which TLs to report and which to not report because you would have two or more files with EQ. Conversely, there are many in here who were able to pull their own EQ FICO report while having a split file. I've seen many posts in here complaining their FICO is 750 one day and 550 the next (as an example) because EQ is providing a new file to myFICO with each pull. You should find out if you do have a split file though. One way to tell is to pull from an outside source (aside from EQ's CMS and myFICO) and pull multiple times to see if those TLs and inquiries change up. It can be fixed by having EQ remove the softs and reconstructing the report.


Back to SW, myFICO mods can't see your info (which is a good thing) and CSRs are lackluster. Did anything change on EQ to warrant an alert, like an added TL(s), inquiries on EQ, reported balance increases, baddies, etc.? IME, I've gone months without any SW alerts but that was because nothing was happening. But if you have lots happening, then that would trigger an alert.


For EQ, did you dispute anything? That can sometimes trigger a fraud alert and that would prevent SW from working.


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Re: EQ tech issue, SW "no update", 7 weeks w/o reports

I have not received a score watch alert since Feb 23rd. Normally I would have 2-6 alerts from balances changing and such. I do get weekly email telling me that "No ScoreWatch Alerts this week."  Useless. I have been paying for a service that is not working at all since it can't access anything.  I am not about to drop yet another $20-30 dollars to have another place try to pull my EQ report. Each one I have tried so far gets rejected, I don't get my EQ report.

MyFICO customer service did email me back recently, but not concerning my complaint that SW has been doing nothing for two months and I am not happy about being billed for non-service. I like this site, but SW is too much of a let down.

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