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Ending the 10-Day Free Trial

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Ending the 10-Day Free Trial

I am trying to end my 10-day free trial (just wanted to check my score, I'm still on day 1). The agreement says to follow the instructions on the "How do I cancel my free score trial?" help topic in the support center, but that topic reads as follows:


Thank you for my Free FICO Score. How do I cancel?

Please keep in mind before you cancel:

  • · FICO® offers this FREE FICO® Score & Credit Report to customers once in a two year period
  • · After you cancel, your monitoring and alerts will be terminated and you will not have online access to your score or credit report
  • · A true FICO® Score is the only one used by over 90% of banks in lending decisions. This is important because your scores will change as your credit report changes.
  • · If you continue to monitor your credit score with Fico® Score Watch® , you'll be alerted when your score changes for any reason and you'll know if unwanted or fraudulent activity shows up on your credit report so you can take action.

In other words, there are no instructions on canceling the free report. It is a Sunday, and I'm unable to get through on the phone. There has got to be a way to cancel this. Does anyone know how?



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Re: Ending the 10-Day Free Trial

Same for me. The easy cancel turns out to be not so easy. Smiley Sad

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