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I must say that MyFico is the best and "1" and only that is the first and only scoring model that matters. I hear alot of people with alot of concerns about this and that. We all have to remember that they are on our side. I'm sure that any concerns will be addressed ASAP. We all need to be patient. There is no better or you would not be reading this. Alot of laws are changing and it takes time to implement. I know as well as you that there is one Score that matters and it's your Fico score. I'm sure we all have different products but please lets not complain, I'm sure if you make a call to a representative (who always picks up) they will address all our concerns. 

I'm only speaking for myself but if you have a issue, try calling them. 

Let's all work together as a team, even more a family who cares about each other's concerns. 

I know I have the best in the business looking out for me and I'm thankful. 

I hope everyone gets there concerns taken care of. 

Wish you all the best 

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