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Old subscriber coming back and shocked!

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Old subscriber coming back and shocked!

I was once a subscriber to myFICO and use to pay something like 99 a year for 2 reports with all 3 bureaus and active monitoring. What caused the prices to go up so high? Does anyone actually pay it? Does any one know of similar sites with better prices?

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Re: Old subscriber coming back and shocked!


I was on here about 4-5 years ago. I just came back this year and was also shocked at the difference in subscribing to MyFico scores. Completely shocked. 


I now use credit karma to monitor and work on what is on my report, and I check my fico 8 via my Walmart credit card account.

I am now needing my mortgage scores, so I am going to have to cough up the money.....I don't agree with the cost, but would rather pay it than be blindsided with a score not meeting requirements for a mortgage...


and welcome back! Still find great info on here so it's worth hanging around.

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Re: Old subscriber coming back and shocked!

As a new user, the services seem pretty pricey to me.

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Re: Old subscriber coming back and shocked!

I couldn't even buy them since I am being blocked by myfico to purchase any credit report though them. At least you all can still purchase a report. Right now I am getting my report through Experian instead. I got scold by a rep for trying to purchase 3 credit reports from here after I told her I also purchase a report from Experian. Weird experience and I wrote that on my survey. However I am still being blocked.

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