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Scorewatch delay?

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Scorewatch delay?

I have score watch and have noticed that I haven't gotten any notificiations since Feb 22nd but there have been new accounts added and new hard inquiries yet nothing showing on there?


Is it set to report on a delay?  When I first signed up I would get notifications right away if there was a change to my report.  Not sure what is going on. 

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Re: Scorewatch delay?

SW is okay but doesn't always run real-time. Generally; it tends to run a day or three behind other services I use to follow score changes.


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Re: Scorewatch delay?

ScoreWatch is reliable in general, but I have seen in the past cases where the reporting is delayed by several days.

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Re: Scorewatch delay?

An account change just updated a balance today. However, the balance reflected is over a month old (August 23rd Statement)! Shouldn't it update to my September 23rd's statement? 

Are balance changes usually this late?

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Re: Scorewatch delay?

My SW balances haven't changed since 8/28 and I know the balances have changed drastically!  It is making me nuts.

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