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What does this mean???

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What does this mean???

Our apologies, an error has occurred... Thank you for visiting®.

We regret that we cannot provide you with your FICO® score report as your report at TransUnion does not meet the minimum scoring criteria. If you were using a credit card, it was not charged.

If you have not already done so, you may want to try ordering your credit report from the other national credit bureau - Equifax. In addition, your non traditional credit data may be reported to alternative credit reporting agencies and Fair Isaac Credit Services, Inc. can help you get access to this information if present.

Please call Fair Isaac Credit Services at 1-866-838-3427 to obtain a copy of your Fair Isaac Credit Services consumer report.This report does not include a score. To expedite the call, please specify to the representative that you are interested in obtaining a copy of your Fair Isaac Credit Services consumer report.

For any additional questions regarding, please call customer service at 1-800-319-4433 Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 6:00PM or Saturday 7:00AM - 4:00PM PST.

Thank you
myFICO® Customer Care




Especially the part underlined


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Re: What does this mean???

Someone? Anyone?

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Re: What does this mean???

How old is your oldest account? Is it at least 6 months old? How many credit accounts do you have?

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Re: What does this mean???

I pull my score all of the time on here, because I haven't been getting updates through Score Watch regularly.  So, the 22nd I pulled it with no problem and it was a 616.  Today, I am getting this error message.  Never has been an issue before today.

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Re: What does this mean???

This was an error message for TransUnion. ScoreWatch is tracking Equifax. Have you been pulling TU, or EQ, or both?


If you've been pulling TU and gotten reports, it sounds like something has happened to your TransUnion report. One possibility is that your TransUnion report has split, which can happen for various reasons, including lots (and lots) of soft pulls from credit monitoring. When a file splits, some of your accounts are in one portion, and the rest are in the other. If the smaller portion is pulled, it might not have enough history to be able to score from.


If you've only pulled EQ reports here, either through Scorewatch or separately, and you've never pulled TU before, maybe there's a problem that has been on your TU report all along. But IF you've pulled your TU reports here before, but now you can't, call Customer Service. Have an older TU (not EQ) report handy so that they can compare what's showing now vs what used to be there.


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