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When does the score refresh???

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Re: When does the score refresh???

I have the feeling that SW is sometimes not working properly Smiley Sad  My last alert was on 05/18 and I paid a 40% util on Discover and had a new account "Barclaycard Arrival" report and still nothing from SW. But looking at the EQ report  the balance got reported with 0  and the new account already on my report but SW still nothing. Normally SW is 1 day late with alerts compared to EQ and not 3 days!  EQ Fico from EQ was 779 after the 0 balance reported and SW still at 766. 3 days after the new Barclaycard reported finally SW did move directly to 773 from 766. EQ score watch had one step inbetween 766 - 779 - 773. This is very strange but it looks that SW is not very reliable Smiley Sad ...did not even alert a new account in reasonable time!  I had a 2 months trial on EQ Fico score watch in combination with MyFico SW and it was kind of interesting to see how fast EQ alerted and how slow MyFico SW came up with changes. Still cancelled EQ and kept MyFico as I like the interface better.

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