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1.99% rate requirements

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1.99% rate requirements

My bf is trying to buy a truck and is thinking he needs an older truck to get the 1.99 rate. From all the threads I've read on rates, I've read about scores etc but nothing about the year of the vehicle playing a part on rate. DCU requires a flat out 675 score to qualify. Anyone know that the year makes a difference on the rate?
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Re: 1.99% rate requirements

Not sure with DCU but usually new is 2012-2014, used 2010-2012 or sometimes little less and than older model is 2010 or under depending on bank.

some banks also put in max miles to still fit in the new or newer used category.

Navy Federal Credit Union posts it on their website what calsifies for each rate.

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Re: 1.99% rate requirements

I saw somebody refinance a 2002 Avalanche with 100k+ miles at the 1.9% rate

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