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2013 BMW 750i Lease vs. Financing Questions???

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I think this is the response we should follow:


"Meanwhile, if these posts are driving you nuts, all we can suggest is the favorite saying of second-grade teachers everywhere: "Ignore inappropriate behavior." If you don't believe what he posts, either don't read any of the threads, or post just once something on the order of "rolls eyes" and move along."

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Re: 2013 BMW 750i Lease vs. Financing Questions???

JKeeler1121 wrote:


I am more towards leasing because of my business. Im 26 and I recently strated my business and was quoted for this vehicle. 

2013 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan $96,495.00

The salesperson told me leasing looks like a better opinion for me. He quoted me 36 months, 10,000 miles 6,800 total out of pocket $1,326.00 month 

The payment isnt too bad because I make about 130,000.00 and have no mortgae or rent nor no expenses other than credit cards. He pulled my credit and said it qualifies for tier 1 leasing

Your thoughts???, suggestions???, I am kind of excited


I agree with others who suggest that you look at purchasing a 5 series... that way you can continue to focus on your housing goals.... 1300 is a lot to pay for something you are "borrowing" I love nice cars... I make 120k per year and my husband makes 65k... not sure a 750i is something we could justify... however we have decided to replace a car that was totalled with a new volvo that will cost about 45k... I think you should look at the 50k range as a purchase not a lease.

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Re: 2013 BMW 750i Lease vs. Financing Questions???

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