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2nd auto loan post BK13 DC

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2nd auto loan post BK13 DC

Just closed on my 2nd auto loan post BK 13 DC in March 2017. First was a 2016 E550 Benz Cabriolet for $40k from Cap One at 4.95%, which I refi thru PenFed at 3.75% after 1 mo. Total purchase was $63K, so I had a large downpayment.

This weekend closed on loaded 2014 Audi A8L a 2.99% $40k loan with my employer CU. Was a $53K total price, so again had a decent down payment. The dealer couldn't believe I got that interest rate on a 2014 model. Even in their highest tier score the rate would have been 3.5% with them.

We have a college student that we gave our 8 year old car to and want to keep miles down on our 9 year old SUV that we use to tow our boat.

We've never had a true luxury car before. Both were steals at 90pct of NADA pre- downpayment. After going this route, I'll never buy new again. These are both cars we could never afford new.

RBFCU Premier $25K, Sam’s Club MC $25K, Citi Exec WEMC $34K, Alliant Signature $20K, SSFCU $20K, Cap1 Venture $20K, Employer CU LOC $20K, Navy GoRewards $18K, 2nd NFCU Plat $14.7K, Citi Simplicity $18.2K, PenFed Power Cash $10K, PenFed PLOC $10k, Navy Platinum $12.7K, SMG $10K, PenFed Promise $12K, Total Rewards $8.5K, Discover It $2.5K, Discover It $2K, Cap One QS1 $850, Overstock $32K
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