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Hello people. This is my first post, but i must confess the amount of information i was able to aquire from here is PRICELESS! Thanks to all of you, i have been able to apply for credit cards succesfully. However, i am in desperate need for help now. 


So, I have a car (Ford) that i bought when i came back to the U.S (I've been living in Europe ever since i was young. The car was worth the money ofcourse being a $3,500 car you wouldn't expect to last a lifetime but i had no credit history what so ever when i bought. I am a college student, Junior to be precise, the car broke down on me and after i spent close to $1000 over a span of 3 month i finally gave up. I am in desperate need of a car i Work Part time at a college at the IT Deparment, also full time student. I make around $15,000 a year. I have four credit cards, BofA & Barclays $1,500 each 3months old. A capital one $700 limit 1.5 yearsand orchard $300 9 months. I have been paying my balance to almost all credit cards in full, up until August were i had to buy a laptop. Anyways my utilization is pretty high 70% now. I was wondering based on this will i be able to finance a car? i would also like to buy new so that i can focus on my studies and not worry about repair bills. 



Thank you. 

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Re: AUTO Loan

Hello MEGR,


Are you currently a member of a Credit Union? If so I would try there. I work for a credit union & I'm also on the Credit Committe. They may suggest that you pay down some of your credt card balances however if you can't let them know that you are willing to set up direct deposit for your payments. 

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