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Advice on Auto Loan sitch


Advice on Auto Loan sitch

Hello. I am just starting my rebuild. I am in a situation where i need a car. All scoring sites including my subscription to this one reported I had no cards to score Utilization. So i got a secured Capital One with a 220 limit and the unsecured Total with a 300 limit. I have paid statements on both before the due date and have them near zero. Neither have reported to EQ,EX,or TU. By brotherinlaw added me as Authorized User to his Capital One with 30k limit and under 30% used.  That reported to Experian on 10/28 which gave me a bump of 28 points and this morning my credit karma score said 70 point Equifax bump. I went to check my scores on this site and it shows my scores as :


MyFico site w/ subscription - EQ 536, TU 506 and EX 539

Experian site: FICO AUTO 5 - 598, FICO BANKCARD 5 - 618

Credit Karma - TU - 535 EQ - 629

Income - 65k W-2 salary

Collections - 2 (Eviction) 20k from March 2017 and $559 Kohls/Capital One

New Credit not yet on report - Fingerhut 180CL, Huttington Chase $1500CL, Total Visa Unsecured 300 CL, Capital One Secured 220 CL



I also have a C/O from two years ago that was ALLy Financial for 7k on a Tacoma I had repo on and that was difference from what they auctioned it off for per them. Does anybody have any suggestions to how I can get a loan? I belive waiting for my personal credit cards to hit report will help me. Also, all simulators show paying my bills on time off my credit next month and getting a bump of 45-50, FAKO im sure.


Sidenote: I don't know how or when it can help me but I just sent in residence and ID verification for NFCU membership and checking/savings. I also had a couple dealers yesterday and the day before offer 17.9% and 27% for 22k loan with 1k down. Before the AU reported to EQ.



Thank you all kindly.


Started Rebuild 10/12/18 - Ex-518 Eq- 520 TU -506
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Re: Advice on Auto Loan sitch

You can get financed but that Repo deficiency balance is going to kill your rate.  

Ch 7 Discharge 3/12/2018
Cap One VentureOne $3,500, CapOne Savor $5,300, Kohls $3,000, BBVA $2,500

Closed CreditOne $800, Blaze MC $3,000, Waufair $5,000

Infiniti Financial lease
Subaru/Chase 1.99%

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Re: Advice on Auto Loan sitch

TU deleted repo. Hopefully others do too
Started Rebuild 10/12/18 - Ex-518 Eq- 520 TU -506
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