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Affinity Credit Union Auto loan Advice Or Suggested lender?

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Re: Affinity Credit Union Auto loan Advice Or Suggested lender?

Gotcha, yeah you'll most likely be approved for a loan at one of those places I suspect. But erm, I'd work on saving some money if you can just for your own good. I don't think it's a good idea to count on your GF as a backup plan. I'm also around your age: from what I've observed, relationships at our age can be flaky.


Depends where you live. In NJ, yeah, insr will probably be pretty high. Also keep in mind your auto insurance credit score is likely to be very different from your regular FICO. Auto insr FICO likes old, established histories. So I have a pretty good FICO (generally 740+ depending on bureau), but my auto insurance score is pretty poor (at least per creditkarma, you can look at your auto insurance FAKO score there too). It's just because my AAOA is pretty new, I have a lot of newer accounts, and the lack of a gas card/auto loan/mortgage. But regular FICO is high because it cares more about my util (very low) and perfect payment history.

For an urgent question Monday thru Fridays, feel free to email me directly remembermyfico //at// gmail /dot/ com if you need a response in 24 hours.
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Re: Affinity Credit Union Auto loan Advice Or Suggested lender?

Gotcha. Yea our relationship has been rocky but we always make sure financially to support each other; but you can never be sure that will continue. 


Yea, my insurance score might be extremely low w/ only 1 year AAOA and plus i plan on cancelling one of my credit cards AFTER I get my car so my score/rate isnt affected prior to applying for loans. High interest rate.. but also $50 annual fee and $15 maitinence fee after year two lol. I just needed it at the time for an emergency. I dont think my score will take too much of a hit though since its one of my older cards.. so my AAOA should go up.. until i replace it with an amex or DCU credit card lol.


**I've decided to try DCU as a primary choice for hte loan and credit union. Their ratings are a lot higher**


Do you happen to know any other lenders offering balloon auto loans besides penfed? I fiigure I could pay a little hgiher every other month so balloon is lower and i could always refinance it at the end.

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