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Any lenders that use EX or TU?

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Any lenders that use EX or TU?



So I applied for a car loan with DCU and I was approved. They pulled EQ and my EQ is low compared to the other 2. They gave me a rate of 7.49% for 72 months and 6.49% for 60 months. Plus 0.05% for direct deposit. 


This rates seems really high and hence I was wondering if there are any lenders that pulls EX or TU. CapOne also pulls EQ unfortunately. 



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Re: Any lenders that use EX or TU?

Do you have a local credit union? I went into mine and asked the loan officer who they used.
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Re: Any lenders that use EX or TU?

Not sure if you're a Vet, but USAA pulls Experian.  I'm paying 17.5% though ughh.  Situation where we had to get a new to us vehicle asap.  Looking forward to refinancing soon!

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Re: Any lenders that use EX or TU?

DCU uses Equifax Mortgage 5 score.

Not sure that helps but my Mortgage 5 Score is lower than my Fico 8.


Just throwing that out there because it's not necessarily that they pulled EQ but the EQ mortgage score.

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Re: Any lenders that use EX or TU?

It's important to know what particular score from EX/TU a lender will use.  As far as auto loans are concerned, there is a specific auto score, which heavily weighs on past loan behavior.  Have you obtained the EX/TU "Auto 8/9/etc." scores?  Your FICO 8 can differ considerably depending on your specific credit situation.  For example, my TU is my lowest score, but my highest auto loan indicator. 

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Re: Any lenders that use EX or TU?

I have learned through many times to STICK WITH A CREDIT UNION. 2018 Camry and I am paying 4.50%/72 Month Loan. 


Most creditors pull from Equifax because it is more reliable. I would personally look around to see the rate that you think it comfortable. While I personally do not know you're history I must say that a pretty high rate. It also depends on the amount of money you make, and the price of the car. If its a Tesla Roadster than you would be financing probably a lot, and they would give you a higher interest rate to cover it. 


Hope this helps! 



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