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Any success in refinancing with a repo on credit?

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Any success in refinancing with a repo on credit?

Last year, a repo hit my credit due to my x-wife not maintaining the monthly payment on the vehicle she was awarded in our divoce proceedings. I, of course was on the loan as well.


1 year later, I just purchased a 2013 Dodge at 19% (OUCH!) My plan was to work on my credit for 6 months and refi this down ... I am now where I need to be .... only derog is the repo from last year. My scores in my sig are current as of today. I just applied with Alliant CU and they said they couldnt help with the charge off on my credit even though they said my score was well within their approval.


I'm losing hope now. The loan is with good ol' Santander.

FICO: EX 662 | EQ 670 | TU 681
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