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Anyone Heard Of Car Loan Finance Company Called "AP Autopay"?

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Anyone Heard Of Car Loan Finance Company Called "AP Autopay"?

I was looking for a new car online and ended up on a website called who offered a soft credit check auto finance prequals. I filled it out to see what offers I could land, and up popped a few options from a company called Autopay. I'll paste a screen shot below of the offers. 


They look decent to me, and although it was a soft pull to get me these "rates", I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them? I googled them, but I can only get a bunch of results for people trying to "autopay" their credit cards. Thanks!


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Re: Anyone Heard Of Car Loan Finance Company Called "AP Autopay"?

Sometimes you need to add a bit more info on a google search, I did "autopay car loans" and came up with this, which seems to be them:


I dunno, car loans can be a shady business sometimes. I sure never heard of them. Two things bother me: 1.Their "About Us" is just dribble about their "mission", no mention of who their officers or finance partners are, and 2. On About Us they claim a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, but as of 9/25/2017, with text "click here for profile", but there's no link to click.


I see you have a couple Capital One cards, so you might try Cap One car loans, they'll also quote you a rate with a soft pull, and are a lot more reputable.

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Re: Anyone Heard Of Car Loan Finance Company Called "AP Autopay"?

I'm looking for a vehicle soon myself and since they only do a soft pull I gave them my information. I did pre-qualify and they came back with a really good APR for where my credit is at the moment. I'm still waiting on Capital One to verify my other employer which will happen tomorrow but this gives me another choice. They seem legit but being I have 2 jobs I couldn't continue on and will call them tomorrow to get more information.

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