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Anyway to dispute credit inquires?

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Re: Anyway to dispute credit inquires?

rckstrscott wrote:

AZHeather wrote:

It is a huge waste of time and effort to dispute these (IMO).  I just got a car loan and all the inquiries that were run for the auto loan by all the various banks (there were 9 of them if I remember correctly) only dinged my score by 1 point.  Seriously - 1 point.  Nothing else on my credit reports changed in those couple of days that the inquiries hit.  Why in the world would you fight to get them removed if they are all counted as one inquiry (for scoring purposes) and the "1" inquiry hurts your score so little?


Also, why ask a question on this forum if you are going to just go on a rant about what you believe to be "correct" and the action that you are going to take is "x" despite that everyone is telling you that action "y" is in your best interest?  You carry on about all the "resources" that you have with all the "money" that you have and all the "knowledge" that you have.  Why bother with asking anything on this site at all?  And for someone who "doesn't have the 'time' to 'waste' on a forum," you sure do have a lot to say on here quite frequently.  Just saying...

^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!

Sorry, I am typically not this harsh on people, but I was really frustrated.  I feel it's a huge waste of time (mine & others) to read and respond to posts from someone asking for help only to be told that they know how to handle it and will do so by doing "x" and that everyone else is more or less wrong.   Then why did you post?  Why did I read it?  Why did I respond?  Why are you here?  Not trying to be mean, just asking the "why" questions that I think that we all say in our heads after reading threads like this from same OP.  I will not be responding to any further posts from OP.  I also suspect I will now be mod cut.  Sorry mods, if I crossed a line...Smiley Sad

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