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Apply for auto financing before apartment?

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Apply for auto financing before apartment?

Hi all,


I received a lease quote from Honda recently and I'm fairly certain I'm gonna take the deal. The thing is is that they want me to apply beforehand to save on time and determine my eligibility. They said they pull EQ Auto 9 and mine is 789 as of a few days ago. I know that's more than enough to qualify but there are two things: I have one paid collection from about 2 yrs. ago (medical expense) and I am also going to be applying for an apartment in the next week.


Just wondering what your guys' thoughts were on this.


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Re: Apply for auto financing before apartment?

Lease deals change monthly (Money Factor, Residual, Incentives) so the deal could change.  IMO the apartment would be the more important item.  

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Re: Apply for auto financing before apartment?

I disagree, if you want the car go for it. An apartment rental credit check - IF they do one - is nothing, they don't care about inquiries or new accounts, they just check that you don't have something really bad like an unpaid collections (especially from another apartment owner), garnishment, foreclosure, etc.

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Re: Apply for auto financing before apartment?

I would personally go for it if you feel this is the right decision. Youre score is better than half a lot of people. There should be nothing to worry about. Just remember car manufactures push deals, and if you wait too long on something the deal may change. 

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