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Approved!!! By TD Bank

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Approved!!! By TD Bank

got approved for my 3rd auto loan , still financing another one (18k left) , other is a lease , but got approved by td bank for 4.64% 72 months , price total after fees was  $47,056.48 payment is 750.00 flat , i applied right away for a refinance at bank of america @ they offered me 3.89% 60 months with a payment of 863 , would i save by taking that BOFA offer? or stay with TD Bank?

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Re: Approved!!! By TD Bank

Congrats on your approvals! So even though the BoA loan has higher payments, it will absolutely save you money as it is 0.75% less AND one year shorter. If you can afford the higher payments, then I would take the BoA offer. If not, then the TD bank is fine too.

EDIT: Savings equals $2,220 ($54,000 vs $51,780).

Aug 2019:

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Re: Approved!!! By TD Bank

Thank you!! I decided to go for it , making the switch you are right did the math and gonna save a little over 2k

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Re: Approved!!! By TD Bank

Nice, congrats on the approvals.


Hey that is money to be saved!!!  wtg

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