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Asked Toyota what they pulled...

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Asked Toyota what they pulled...

I flat out asked Toyota what they would pull- they said all 3 for the best. TU,EQ,EX.

I texted the sales guy and asked what DTI needed to be - he said 40%-50%.


Ill report end of month to see how it goes. 







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Re: Asked Toyota what they pulled...

Unless they changed they could pull any of the three, but usually only a singleton.


(I worked there in the network group that managed the circuits to the bureaus + FICO.)

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Re: Asked Toyota what they pulled...

TFS has never declined a loan for DTI at my dealer. They strictly use Experian unless the dealer tells them to pull Equifax or Trans because they know it’s higher. Dealer can also get exceptions if you’re not getting the tier you need!
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