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Aston Martin DB11 lease

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Aston Martin DB11 lease

Leased a Aston Martin DB11 coupe today, Chase FS, MF came back at 0.00040 which is under 1%, Residual for 5k/36 was 64% on a V8 as a V12 came back at 60%.

Score pulled was EX : 781, required 3 months bank statements.

Have had a Land Rover lease from Chase Fs at $1100.

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Re: Aston Martin DB11 lease

Wow, that's a great money factor. Congrats.

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Re: Aston Martin DB11 lease

strange they required bank statements esp since you have had a car with them already and your scores.  I have never been asked for POI with any car I have had an I as well dont have cheap taste in cars to buy or lease.  although that certainly isnt a cheap car and beats my standards of an AMG by quite a bit Smiley Happy

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Re: Aston Martin DB11 lease

I found that strange as well! I had Chase FS for my Land Rover lease, paid successfully.. and required no POI for that.

Engine is sourced from AMG! Also the new computers inside are from a deal they have with Mercedes as well!

I would’ve tried for a G63 AMG but the residual is low and MF on those things are high!
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