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Auto Loan Approval Chances

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Re: Auto Loan Approval Chances

As I hinted toward's in my first reply, a local bank/CU may see that you have alot of disposable income, but a large captive lender simply does not care. They have underwriting guidelines and get audited frequently, the loan must conform to their policies, regardless of the "story."


Large captive lender's do not care if one own's their house free and clear, have ton's of money in asset's, and so-on. They simply look at the credit score, history, installment history, PTI, DTI, LTV, job time, residence time, so on and so forth.


A local lender may inquire about reserves, assets, investment's, disposable income, their rate's may not always be as competitive as large national bank's, but they are willing to listen to a story and loan based on relationship.

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Re: Auto Loan Approval Chances

Dont buy a $100k 2016 Mecedes. The higher end Mercedes lose 50-70% of their value within 3-5 years. Dont believe me? Look at S class prices from 2014 compared to MSRP. 

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Re: Auto Loan Approval Chances

Hello CreditPlz,


Thanks for your insight, that is a sweet (and expensive ride). The buds of your labor have come to fruition. I've had the luck of doing well in the stockmarket my only wish is that had I invested more and I wouldn't even be worrying about working! 


Hello Semo,


Thank you for your reply! It is cool when one posts their financial insider outlook, there are just somethings that are undiscoverable online. I now know which type of lender to approach and will save me great amounts of time; thank you! 


Hello Bladeex,


I agree with you entirely. Buying a brand new S-Class is one of the worst decisions an indivdual can make (or a new car for that matter). The Merecedes Maybach S600 MSRP'd at $200,000 and is now worth half that after 2 years (the point of depreciation at which I will be buying one). One of the things hedging against its depreciation is it's V12 engine and Maybach branch.


For example, a 2012 W221 S-Class S600 is currently worth $50,000. Comparatively, after two years of depriciation, the current model W222 S600 is worth about $70,000. In 4 years, the value of the car only dropped $20,000. 


After two years of depriciation, the V12 models then depriciate at a significantly lower rate. V8 models however go for dirt cheap. The Maybach 57 and 62 (produced in 2007) are currently worth around 100-200Ks, however their initial purchase prices were 300K and 500K respectively. I can expect similiar depreciation with the model I want to buy as well. 



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