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Auto Loan With Low Income

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Re: Auto Loan With Low Income

I would prefer to fix up my '02 Toyota Sienna instead of buying a used car.


I want an Chevy Bolt EV or a Chevy Equinox, and they cost more when they are used because people don't want to wait for months to get their car.


Please don't try to talk me out of getting an EV If you are not highly electromechanically knowledgeable and experienced and real unadulterated facts.


I am, and I have been researching it daily for years, and I am quite familiar with the EV Haters talking points.

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Re: Auto Loan With Low Income

@805orbust wrote:

50% down is a HUGE plus. I don't think you'll have an issue either way.  That's a comparatively small amount of risk for them. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  I would try to do a pre-qualification with your credit union or bank first. The dealer will for sure get you approved but of course pull your credit 30 times during the process (slight exaggeration there)

Not necessarily. Most indirect lenders have strict income guidelines for single applicants. I don't know of any that will approve with that income regardless of equity. Lenders are watching applications closely for inaccuracies, specifically income alterations... especially in the current used car environment. 

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Re: Auto Loan With Low Income

I read an article where someone complained that they make $100K a year and they live from check to check as if the problem is that the pay is too small and not their over spending.


Then I seen a similar story with $300K, I was shocked because I pay my bills before my little pay is deposited.


I have been de-programming myself from the very powerful marketing program that is developed by psychologist and confidence men.


We spend a lot of money on things that does nothing good for us, we buy veneers and gift boxes with the best gift wrapping but has nothing good inside.



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