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Auto Loan with these scores


Auto Loan with these scores

Current Fico EQ 621, Exp, 622 & TU 641.  BK 7 filed 6/2012, discharge 9/2012.  2 Open CC never late - no other baddies. 0% utilization. Haven't had a car loan in years - so I won't have an Auto Enhanced score.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Don't belong to any credit union and don't really know one in the area that I can join.  Would like to purchase new in the next month or so. Looking at 23-25K.  Burned Cap in BK - so their out.   Would like to have some sort of financing before I go into the dealer, this way I have something to work with. 

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Re: Auto Loan with these scores

I never had an auto loan but my beacon EQ auto enhanced was well higher than my actual EQ Beacon FICO score (720 vs 748).


You never know.


Also, check out  Reputable CU.

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Re: Auto Loan with these scores or are other you might want to check out. I would go with new car, auto dealers are in a hurry to move new cars from their lot due to the minimal profit they get.( I just got my 2013 from gm financial but I already had a 23k check from cap1 and was able to negotiate from cap1 9% to gm 7%)

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