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Auto loan is closed.. but I'm still paying on it?


Auto loan is closed.. but I'm still paying on it?

I was in a really crappy relationship last year and had no control of finances. I got a car in May 2017, first payment due June 25th. The first payment wasn't made until October 8 for the full first payment amount. I then made another full payment December 1. I called on November 30 and was told as long as I made a payment BY the 1st, my car would not be repossessed and sent to collections. I then made 4 months of payments in the month of December. Since December, I have made every payment on time and for the full amount, sometimes over. However, the account is still showing as Charged Off and Closed on my credit report. A collection agency never received my account, it is still at Chrysler Capital, and there were no re-negotiations made or changes to my loan, it is still my original loan I am paying on. Because of the charge off, my credit is completely destroyed. Is there anything I can do?


Re: Auto loan is closed.. but I'm still paying on it?

Here is a little more info if needed, 

Monthly payments are $204.87

Opened 05/12/18

First payment due 06/25/18

First payment made 10/08/17 for $205

Payment made 12/1/17 for $215

Payment made 12/12/17 for $700

Payment made 12/18/17 for $252.25

Payment made 01/05/18 for $205

Payment made 2/26/18 for $190

Second payment on 2/26/18 for $715

Payment on 03/21/18 for $765.71

Payment 05/28/18 for $400

and since then I have paid $235 on the due date every month. The loan was originally for $8249 and is now down to $6260. I did have $315 worth of late fees and charges for being on the repossession list.


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