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Auto loan refinanced from 4.0% to 2.49% with consumers credit union

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Auto loan refinanced from 4.0% to 2.49% with consumers credit union

I tried Nfcu , penfed and couldnt get better rate than 4% which was what i had with toyota financial.


finally two days ago i received 'you are prequalified for refinance" mail from Consumers Credit union , IL for the rate of 2.49% For 70 Months (this is with.5% discount with  the autorepayment set up) even though my monthly payment has gone down just 15$

i would be saving over 1000$ in interest in the long run. They refinanced 14969$ even though my vehicle value has depreciated to 12350. Thats 121% . i got gap waiver through this credit union so i should receiving the expensive gap insurance refund from the dealership soon. i am looking at receiving more the 600 since i financed gap insurance of 795$ from toyota in feb 2017 , and its only been 4 months.


Plus i should get 50$ reward for refinancing through this credit union.

The process itself was simple although this credit union has its methods and requirements.

First they approved me online , then a day later some one called and requested , vehicle title, registration, and recent pay stub.

i mailed them back my bank statements since i am self employed along with the title and registration and they approved and processed the whole thing quickly.

They will be sending out the check to Toyota and the loan , balance , duedate etc is already showing up on my consumers cu account online.


The reason for me to refinance is not only the desired reduction in the interest rate but also because toyota had cancelled my online access to the account due to my husband -the co signer -filing for bankruptcy. so now i have the access again. Smiley Happy


surprised and disappointed that NFCU and penfed couldnt offer me better deal than 4%. infact they offered me 5% and above.  But in the end i got what i wanted Smiley Happy

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Re: Auto loan refinanced from 4.0% to 2.49% with consumers credit union

I bank with them, so it's nice to know their process. Congrats!

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