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Auto loan rejected

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Re: Auto loan rejected

Keep us posted!

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Re: Auto loan rejected

Like this approach!!!
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Re: Auto loan rejected

Make sure you just hand them the letter from the dealership and your keys.  Keep your powder dry on the other stuff.  Let him squirm.  Remember, he who speaks first loses.


daredevil19790 wrote:

The letter from the dealership regarding the denial and the the check for the title and registration came in two different mails. They both arrived on the same day. I believe what coterotie stated might be true and someone at the dealership just sent me the wrong letter. I downloaded the welcome letter from Honda finance from their website and I am waiting for the payment information package that I was told was mailed on the second of this month. I am going to wait it out until this weekend for that and then go to the dealership and talk to the manager as coterptie suggested.

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