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BECU/Honda Auto Loan Approval

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BECU/Honda Auto Loan Approval

On Friday, I put in an application for an auto loan with BECU. Asked for $28,000 and was approved for 5.64-7.14% (48-72 months) at 90% LTV.


They pulled my TU Fico 8 regular which was 711 at the time.


Ended up finding a car for $30,611, put down $9000 and after TTL + doc, it came out to $25k-something. Didn't finance any addons. Payment is $437-something a month at 72 months. LTV is around 83%. Car is a 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring and had 1849 miles. Book value was 30-32k so I think I got a pretty good deal. 


The plan is to pay extra (about $170) to kill this loan in 4 years, instead. Might wait a year and re-finance, keeping the same payment, and burn it down even quicker. If I can refi down to 4%, it'll be a breeze.


I gave the dealer an opportunity to beat the rate and they could not. Their captive lender didn't finance used cars (1800 miles) and none of the other banks could beat the rate. Total inquiries seems to be 2x on each report... so far.

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