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BMW Financial bureau and score

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BMW Financial bureau and score

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know which score BMW uses for approval consideration? Is it an auto enhanced score? Which one (EX/TU/EXP) and which model (5,4,2,8 or 9)? I need to turn in my lease soon and want to be prepared for when I apply for new financing. My FICO 8 and 9 score are fine but for some reason my Fico 5, 4, and 2 scores are much lower. I've heard so many different things, I would appreciate if anyone had any recent experience with them. Thanks in advance!


Re: BMW Financial bureau and score

I would highly consider going through a bank or credit union to acquire a loan for a BMW. A quick search on here will show that a lot of people have had issues with them and their customer service.

Just my 2 cents.

Good luck in your search and best wishes.
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Re: BMW Financial bureau and score

I literally just got approved through BMW Financial yesterday. They pulled my Transunion first (not sure which version) Then they also pulled my Experian FICO 8. The Transunion was kinda low so they went with the Experian 8 to get me approved at their best rate.

Good luck!

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Re: BMW Financial bureau and score

Thanks for the reply. I just got approved last week. The finance guy said they used my Experian FICO auto 8 which was fine. He claims EXP FICO auto 8 is always BMW Financial’s first choice. If that score isn’t good enough then the dealership will pull other scores and try to get the bank rep to bump up the tier if needed.

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Re: BMW Financial bureau and score

OP—In August 2016, my BMW purchase thru BMW Financial, TU was pulled. Not sure which version. This was in Phoenix, AZ.
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