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Best auto loans for "needs work" credit


Best auto loans for "needs work" credit

Hi All, 


I know some banks/CU's are more aggresive than others. I'm currently fixing my credit. Started at 575 and now up to 620-640. I've never had any negative items from my previous 5 car loans, and I have no credit card debt now. What would be the top places to apply for car loan? looking for around $28k-$30k at 72 months.


I've been afraid to apply right now cause i've recently paid off my CC's and waiting for that to hit my reports. 


Also I have pretty much everything with USAA. checking, saving, IRA, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance. Would that help them be more lenient in my approval?

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Re: Best auto loans for "needs work" credit

You could try USAA since you have a good relationship with them also try a credit union. If those fail just go to a dealer they will often get you better rates.
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