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Bk friendly auto lease

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Bk friendly auto lease

So I'm about to be discharged and would like to rebuild by leasing a car for my wife. I have her car and mine that could potentially be traded in. I did take Ally down on a "weekend fun car" I had before we got to the point of having to file. Beyond that, I have good car credit, but of course, a bankruptcy.

I need a large vehicle, whether a suburban, Nissan NV passenger, or 8 passenger minivan, which has a few options like Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona... We have six kids, so yes, it's a valid need.
Just curious who the most bankruptcy friendly lenders are for a lease. I do have history with Toyota and Honda, one 30 day late with Honda that happened in the very beginning, and has since been caught up and sold to prevent bankruptcy. No lates ever with Toyota.
Trades are a 2000 Honda Odyssey with nearly 200k miles and is pretty whooped. Probably worth $1,000 trade on a good day.
If I had to trade my car, I would, but I prefer to keep it. After all, if I trade it, I'll have to get something else. Mine is a 2010 Toyota Camry. Great condition, but I've got almost 140,000 miles on it now. Both are paid off.
I'm thinking trade the odyssey plus a grand in cash and try to lease something new, and if that doesn't work, trade both cars and try to work something out where the vast majority of Camry equity goes toward leasing a corolla or civic or some other cheap car that would have a stupidly low payment and then put some equity toward the new van for the wife.
I don't want to purchase a new car because I don't want the payments associated with a fresh out of bankruptcy interest rate.
Other option is to find a used minivan for $10-15k and trade the odyssey. That'll still probably keep my payment about where it would be if I leased something new though.
Who has some pointers?
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Re: Bk friendly auto lease

Why not try a credit union first? Honda and Toyota do finance people post bankruptcy as some here have testified to on the forums.

Good Luck to you.
I've been where you are trying to go and I don't wanna go back.
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Re: Bk friendly auto lease

I agree, a CU can give you nice options.

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