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Blue Harbor Auto Loans (Blue Yield)

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Re: Blue Harbor Auto Loans (Blue Yield)

The best auto refinance we've ever experienced. We've bought at least a dozen cars and never once left feeling good about the auto loan. When we bought our current car there was no exception so we saw what blue harbor was offering on our creditkarma account and we got a call back within the first hour of them receiving my online inquiry. Joe G. called me and the first thing he figured out was how to get our loan balnce reduced by $2,000.00 before we did anything. We had 16.05% on $15,644 on a car worth about $12k. We didn't have many options. As soon as the loan balance got reduced Joe got us approved for under 6% reducing our payment from $389 to $226. We submittted our application the Tuesday after the MLK holiday, got approved on Wednesday, got copies of the loan emailed to us Friday, had a mobile notary show up in the rain at our house on Saturday (who knew my dad oddly enough lol), and the loan funded on Tuesday. So in one week they did everything! We got a total of 45 days before our first payment is due (they offered as much as 60 days!). Both Joe and Larissa were absolutely outstanding in what they said and how they operated. I recommned them highly!


Aaron T

Christine K.


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Re: Blue Harbor Auto Loans (Blue Yield)

They told us 2.8% interest, we submitted the purchase agreement and they said it was 3.8% interest and this bank had a $2500 fee just for getting the loan which would add 10 months of payments. NO WAY WILL I ACCEPT THOSE TERMS!
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Re: Blue Harbor Auto Loans (Blue Yield)

Have you checked to see if the vehicle you want has any promo financing?

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Re: Blue Harbor Auto Loans (Blue Yield)

guydiver wrote:

Hopeful800 wrote:

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience getting an auto loan through (subsidiary of Blue Yield).


I was recently declined an auto loan through my local bank, so applied with capital one auto finance and was approved lickety split but not too thrilled about the interest rate with Cap One--(3.59%) So, I applied through Blue Harbor yesterday. Just waiting to hear back results. Seems to take awhile. I'm crossing my fingers for a really competitive rate.


Any opinions much appreciated, TIA!

Take the Cap1 money and run.  I'm not sure what you mean by a competitive rate, but you can shop til you drop and unless you qualify for a dealer promo rate that number is going to be hard to match, much less beat.  My last car loan was four years ago, I got 4.99% with a 720 Fico and the best rate from my CU at the time. Just sayin'.....

A lot has happened in the last 4-5 years concerning rates. 1.xx% auto loans are pretty common with tier 1 financing today. 4-5% loans can be easily obtained with sub 680 scores. Hopeful should continue to look and obtain the best possible terms relative to today's market, and you can thank the Federal Reserve for that Smiley Wink

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Recent transaction experience purchasing a used car, Blue Harbor was pushy, incompetent

I cannot recommend them because they are extremely pushy and attempt to take advantage of the buyer and seller. They demanded the title of the vehicle be transferred to them before the loan was even funded, which was very rude.


On the customer service side, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I spoke with no less than 4 different representatives and each was uninformed at best and mis-informed at worst about the current status of the sale.


They sent out a courier to the wrong person twice and wasted everyone's time, and they charged me for their mistake.


As a result, the entire transaction took 6 weeks to complete and cost me more money and hassle than it was worth.


Unless you have done many, many car sales before, do not use Blue Harbor because they will not look out for you and only find ways to charge you exorbitant fees, such as their "protection program" which offers nothing, but is required.

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Re: Blue Harbor Auto Loans (Blue Yield)

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