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Bmw financial loan app results

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Re: Bmw financial loan app results

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Sigh, since you insist lol... was trying to post pics but it wouldn't let me because quality was too high so...

This was when I bought the car

This was 3 months later after smacking an animal and going off the road

Not going to sugarcoat it,  that looks pretty bad. Thank goodness you walked away. 


And I'm 100% certain you were going the speed limit like all law abiding citizens would do😁.


The upside is, another Bimmer is on the way. 


Honestly,  is there a more fun vehicle to drive than a BMW?

I think not!

It was pretty bad... luckily I wasn't hurt too bad all things considered and the wife walked away with literally a scratch on her leg from the radio popping out of the dash. And believe it or not I wasn't actually speeding, but it did happen on a highway so fair amount of speed before going completely sideways into the trees with 0 traction (there are no tire marks until the very edge of the shoulder and I was 3 lanes away from the shoulder), so whatever I hit either broke an oil line or something or the guts just went all over the tires... 


As far as the new BMW being good news I think I'm cursed... it's my 4th bmw that was totalled during 3rd month of ownership, heck even bmw totalled one from port damage before I took delivery... exactly 3 months after production😂, my f10 m5 rear ended by a drunk audi driver. My 335 convertible rear ended at a stop light by a teen on his cell phone, and my 328xi hit while parked during a snow storm😂 so I'm gonna park this next one during the 3rd month and not touch it😂. But yeah... Definitely nothing more fun than a bmw, though sad to have my tesla go, it was basically a free car because of gas prices and stuff

Take care of you and the Mrs. I don't think you're curse but something weird is definitely happening with your luck with cars. Here's hoping from here on you have things go your way. Sounds like you probably live in the northeast. If that's the case, cars do tend to take a lot of punishment in that region of the country.  



And yeah I am in the northeast, what gave it away? 

I use to live in the Tri-state area many moons ago. I know the hallmarks. 


Having a brand new car is enjoyable but in the New York, New Jersey and New England areas, it can be challenging to keep the vehicle from being dinged, hit, robbed or tarnished from either the weather or the occasional giant size potholes.  And forget about driving into Manhattan because then you can add road rage to the various detriments to keep a new car looking newish.


A doctor once side swiped into me near the George Washington bridge then proceeded to jump out of his car and have a meltdown.  I did the generous thing and calmly talked him in off the ledge. And this was after he ran into my brand new vehicle.  I even allowed him to pay cash for the damages so he could protect his premiums.  I love the northeast and have amazing memories from living there but I don't miss it. As we get older less stress is better LOL.  

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Re: Bmw financial loan app results

Photo dump of the new car

Ex: 742, TU: 726, EQ: 733 03/31/2021
Discover it cashback: $10900
Citi DC: $13000
WF Propel: closed 2k
Amex BCED: $3000
Amex Gold: $NPSL
Amex Plat: NPSL
Cap1 QS: $3200
Cap1 VX $50k
VS CC: $2900
Kohls: $3000
Synchrony car care: $3000
citi best buy visa: $8500
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