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Buying a certified vehicle from Honda

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Buying a certified vehicle from Honda

So we are in the process of buying a 2011 Odyssey from Honda and its Certified.   It is actually a lease return.  She returned and bought a 2013 out right.   There is some damage to the passenger side.  Basically some light body damage, chips, scratching etc.  no real dents.  The sales guy wants to cover it with some molding.  My question is wouldn't she have been responsible for the damage during the lease?  The dealership would have received this payment from her and I would assume would apply it to the repair of the damage.  My thinking is he is wanting us to buy 200 trim to cover it, instead of repairing the damage and they'll still pocket the lease damage money.   Just seems shady.

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Re: Buying a certified vehicle from Honda

Moving this here because others in here have dealt with leases.


While the prev. leasee had some damage, and most likely had a contract with the lender saying she'd be responsible for it, it would be completely up to the dealer to use that money to fix it. They don't have to. They can pocket it if they wanted. Just tell the dealer you'll buy the car if they fix it on their dime first. .... It's just like having someone hit your car. Their insurance might pay you but you don't have to get it fixed. You can pocket the money if you wanted to.

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Re: Buying a certified vehicle from Honda

Chances are if the previous leasee bought a 2013 Odyssey outright the dealer looked the other way on the damage. But I agree with IIecs, get them to repair the car on their dime. Isn't one of the criteria for being Certified Pre-Owned that the car not have any visible damage?

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