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Buying a truck over the phone


Buying a truck over the phone

So I have been working out of town alot and decided to purchase a truck over the internet and pick it up when I flew home to houston. Originally had intended to purchase with Ford Motor Credit since they had a special offer of 0% APR for 60 months on all Super Duty Trucks. 


Picked out a great 2012 F250 King Ranch 4x4 Diesel loaded got an awesome price with rebates but Ford wouldnt make the deal happen since they wanted to use my EX score instead of TU. My TU shows much higher since I have 5 paid off auto loans on it as opposed to two on my EQ and EX. Finally ended up getting the deal done with Bank of America at 2.95 for 60 months. Not exactly what I was hoping for but still not horrible.

The great thing was the finance manager said since your credit is in the prime category we can just fedex your documents and have a notary meet you at a location of your designation and they would bring me my new truck at the airport when I flew in and drop it off to me. 


I really have to say that I am impressed with the level of service and professionalism they have treated me with. Now I have a strong TL that will report to all three buerueas and I dont see any future problem with qualifying for anything with financing a 55K loan.

Current Scores 738 EQ (FICO 02/15) 745 EX (Lender Pull FICO) 768 TU (FICO 02/15)

4% Utilization on 180k Total Available Creditlines

AMEX Platinum - NPSL, AMEX HH - 2.5k, BofA Travel Rewards - 25K, BofA 123 Cash Rewards - 15K, BofA Amex - 15K, Barclay Black Card - 10K, Chase United Club - 9.6K, Chase Sapphire Preferred - 14k, Discover More - 7.5K, Citi Presitge - 20K, Nationwide Bank - 7.5K, Dillard's - 5K, JCP MasterCard - 12K, Capital One Venture - 3K, Capital One Quicksilver - 10k, Wells Fargo - 6K, Lowe's - 10K,
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