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Can I get approved by ford motor credit?

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Can I get approved by ford motor credit?

Im looking to purchase a 2018 F150 soon but concerned i may not be approved or atleast not at a decent interest rate, any info would be greatly appreciated.


2018 f150 

44,000 OTD

18,000 down from a trade in 


22 Years Old, credit score is about 560 just do to high credit utilization that i will pay of this week and should be up in the 660-680 range.

credit karma shows 100% payment history, 1 charge off for $990 on my experian but none on my transunion(removed for errors), another $800 charge off from US bank that was payed off a few months ago, and a $1000 charge off from amex paid off a couple years ago


I do have a $6,000 personal loan right now that i owe just over 5k on with all payments made on time for 8 months 

income 2,500 a month gross, no payment besides personal loan 

Would ford finance me for a decent rate??

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Re: Can I get approved by ford motor credit?

Would they finance you ? Probably, will you get a decent rate ? No, not with what you just posted. I'd hold off on that and work on cleaning things up for another 6 months.
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