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Can I get approved for a refinance?

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Can I get approved for a refinance?

I bought at a poor interest rate in February (17%).  I've made 7 payments on time.  I have Cap One Secured since February reporting good every month.  I was approved two weeks ago for an unsecured card with Navy Fed $1500.  618 TU per the Navy Fed pull.  I'm at 30% utilization.  I have two charged off credit cards from 2006 still on my report.  I have two collections for the same cards on my report, but both are paid in full.  I have one additional medical colletion from 2007 also paid in full.  I do not have any outstanding, unsettled bad debt.  


I'm tempted to pull the trigger on a refi attempt with Navy Federal since they recently approved me for an unsecured line, but I don't think my credit score is quite there.  Any chance Navy Fed might approve?

Experian - 728 | Transunion - 708 | Equifax - 701

NFCU cRewards - $22,000 | NCFU MC - $22,000 | Lowes - $10,000 | DCU Plat Visa - $7,500 | Navcheck - $7,500 | Chase Freedom - $6,000 | Ashley Furniture - $4,800 | Discover IT - $4,500 | Amex BCP - $1,000 | Cap1 QS - $850 | Cap 1 Plat - $700
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Re: Can I get approved for a refinance?

I just refinanced this week on my car. Had it at 18% interest, and with my local credit union they pulled transunion - my current score 656. I was approved for 3.39% for 48 months. they went with the rate based on my score and not so much on my report... i have a couple negatives on my report at this time as well. I would apply with them and hopefully they could get you between 4-5%. Keep us updated!

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