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Can dealerships do this?

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Can dealerships do this?

So I just purchased a 2018 Honda Civic EX-T on Saturday night (10/13/18) after going around to a few different dealerships. I was ready to buy the car at a dealership in Long Beach and gave them permission to pull my credit. I got the alerts right then and there that they had pulled my Experian report and that was it. We ended up walking away from the deal, as the salesman couldn't get my payments where I wanted them. So fast forward to yesterday, and I get another alert that the dealership in Long Beach has pulled my TransUnion report! It had yesterday's date (10/16/18) on it and everything.


So I'm wondering, are they allowed to do this? Can they pull my credit again days after I leave the dealership and am no longer actively searching for a car? I was going to call them and ask what was going on, but decided to ask you nice folks first.


Also, you know what really sucks? My score dropped 12 points at midnight on 10/14. Of course, that was the day they tried financing me through Honda and couldn't match the rate they had originally quoted me. I got 2 more hard inquiries because they tried Capital One and Wells Fargo, and ended up being able to do it through Capital One. Then yesterday, I get a call that the finance manager was able to get me approved through Honda after all. Like, thanks for the 2 hard inquiries for nothing!

I think I've found the sacred map that may lead me to this garden everyone keeps talking about.

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