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Capital One auto loan chances...

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Capital One auto loan chances...

Hello all,

So I’m 5-6months post DC, I’ve been rebuilding well and have gone from around 550 to 600 average FICOs. The car that I bought out from creditor was recently totaled and I’m in the market for a new car. I took Capital One for about 4K on a QuickSilver IIB. I’ve changed jobs and got a 50% salary increase so I did a Capital One prequalify and it was approved immediately. I am doing 8k down on my next car financing 30k. I also tried CC prequalify with Capital One and I was “Approved” for a Platinum. I am more concerned about getting an auto loan because I don’t have a car now though. What do you guys think? Will Capital One loan me 30k after putting down 8k even though I burned them for 4K 6 months ago? Nothing so far has stated that they are not willing to work with me yet. I did try a prequalify about 1 month post DC and they said unfortunately they cannot find an offer for me.

Any suggestions?

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