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Capital one/600 Score

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Capital one/600 Score

I have a capital one auto loan in good standing with 48 months and 27,000 remaining. I want out of my truck. I have a few questions. Does capital one limit at 35k? The truck im looking at is 52k. 


second my score dropped from a 630 when i got my original auto loan to about a 600 now. My income went up by $8,500 a year and I paid off my collections. I pay 7% right now. Think ill be close to 7% or around the 10-14% range. 



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Re: Capital one/600 Score

You can find out fairly quickly Waugh Cap 1 Auto Navigator. I don’t thinking the limit at $35k though. Will have to defer to someone more knowledgeable.
Started 6/6/2018 EX - 588 ; EQ - 667 ; TU 575

Updated 12/2018

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Re: Capital one/600 Score

I tried the “no impact to ur credit score” auto loan thing cap1 has. It’s very misleading.
My first car loan(current) cap approved for $35k so when I chose a 40k truck I didn’t think it would go thru cuz 5k over. Nope it did. So could a 50k truck also have gone thru? My limit was “35k”

I do the cap one with and without a co-signer now and I get denied each and every time. I put that I make 275k a year and it’s still denied. 85k yearly, denied.
I think it’s going to come down to when the dealer submits the paperwork to see what I really get approved for if at all.
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