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Capital one Auto loan navigator reliability?

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Capital one Auto loan navigator reliability?



    I tried doing the pre qual with the Cap one Auto loan navigator and got an offer for the vehicle I was looking for @ 4.2% APR . 


Does this guarentee that once I go the dealership I will definitely be qualified for this loan from Cap one when the dealership does the actual credit pull to close out?


Will the APR change/increase with the actual pull?


What are the chances of getting rejected for the loan even with the pre approval?





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Re: Capital one Auto loan navigator reliability?

Yes, to answer your question the reliability of Cap One Auto Navigator is high. I would think the only reason for rejection at the actual dealership would be because between the time of the soft pull Cap One does to pre-qualify, and when you take the HP from Cap One at the dealer, something deragatory happened.


As far as terms (APR), they can sometimes change when you are at the dealer, the pre-approval tool assumes a set sales price to determine the APR, if the dealer is unwilling to negotiate to that price, or you lessen the down payment, or change anything in the structure the APR will more than likely change.



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