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Car lease with an IRS Lien

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Car lease with an IRS Lien

I currently drive a leased BMW i3 that is due to be returned in Mid November., only have two payments left on it. No lates ever on it. Current FICO 730 - not AUTO enhanced. Thinking about going for a leased Tesla Model 3. Payment will be pretty similar to what I pay now for the BMW (around 600 a month). Here's my main issue, my husband has some past tax debt from before we were married that is now under both our names. The IRS is putting us on a payment plan and they might or might not (murky details until we get the paperwork in the mail) put a lien on either us or our house (again details are murky). I cannot avoid this. I cannot pay a lump sum to them, I will be able to make 2x the monthly payment to pay it off quicker but that's the best we'll be able to do with what we have going on. I'm just happy nobody is going to jail. 

How does an IRS lien affect the ability to get a car lease in the post-CFPB world where liens are no longer impacting Credit Scores? Should I hurry up and get into the Tesla sooner? 

Things I don't want to discuss because they are not up for a ton of negotiation: whether I get a lease or finance, or the fact that I will be without a car on November 15 and cannot be a 1 vehicle family.

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