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Chrysler capital pre approval

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Re: Chrysler capital pre approval

mark dodge was only place i found giving those discounts as well (11.9% back in nov) todays market yeah it is definetly not likely and most people dont know about them.......for GM did not find one doing anything close ( usually Laura in st louis is the go to they were MSRP)


possible yes, likely no


another place is elk grove ram in sacramento you could try.......they had cheapest Rams if buying stock off the floor though never got a quote for a build......

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Re: Chrysler capital pre approval

Would you mind sharing who they pulled, version and what your scores were? 

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Re: Chrysler capital pre approval

They pulled Experian on me. I'm not really sure which score they used. My fico 08 score was 660 at the time.

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