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Credit cards before an auto loan?

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Credit cards before an auto loan?

Hey everyone, I’m in the process of looking into refinancing an auto loan. I would like to refinance with capital one and will get a much better rate. That said, this morning I was going to apply for a new credit card (ironically enough, through capital one as well) and I stopped and thought, would opening this account affect my chances or rates of my refinance?

So does anyone have any experience or knowledge on this? Should I hold off on applying for a card until after the refinance? Or does it not make a difference at all? Will it help that it’s another capital one product or is that redundant?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Credit cards before an auto loan?

Complete the loan refi first then do the CC apps.

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Re: Credit cards before an auto loan?

It will likely be an HP for the CC. So I would wait

the refi is more important than a new CC.  


Wait it until the refi fully processes then go for the card

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Re: Credit cards before an auto loan?

Oh yes GET that Refi going 1st those HPs are
Maybe someone may know that the CC you apply for could be an Experian Pull while the Refi could be a TU pull and the HPs pass in the night

You still get ding x2 but at least not from the same bureau potentially

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