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DCU Auto Loan Experience?

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DCU Auto Loan Experience?

I was wondering what experiences people have had with their Auto Loan process in more recent times as everything I've read is back in July.


I recently applied for an auto refi on 11/2 and submitted a documant that was requested at the end of the app process, waited a day and called to see if it was indeed the correct item needed. Apparently it wasn't and I was suposed to downlaod their form from a link prvided at the end of the app process, which I did not see at all. So i filled out their form and uploaded that day, the 3rd. Waited till the 4th with no word back figures it was due to the employment shortage, so I decided to call on the 5th which was probale a mistake as it's a friday which was a 4hr wait time for a callback. I'll retry on Monday and hope some movement happens because they are offering the lowest rate, but I don't recall ever having to wait this long for a Loan. 


So currently I don't know if they're simply understaffed and haven't had thc chance to verify the info, or if the info doesn't quite meet their criteria? The thing is no one has even contacted me to nail down the specifics. I applied for $16K to buyout the balance of $20,900 and I'll be paying the differnce in cash.  IDK, maybe I'm just impatient. 



Thanks for any insight/feedback.

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Re: DCU Auto Loan Experience?

Call back. They asked for my paystub once and it would only let me upload a pic, so I screenshot and sent it. Week goes by with no contact and I call them. They said it wasn't clear enough and I need to upload the pdf. Told them it would have been nice to know. Told them it wasn't an option in the first place. They emailed me a link to a secure upload. Approved me on the spot for my loan and money was in my checking a few hours later.

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Re: DCU Auto Loan Experience?

I was finally able to get this finalized on the 9th, I think the biggest hurdle was call wait times because once I was able to get through it was a simple process of getting documents uploaded and verified.  

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Re: DCU Auto Loan Experience?

@Janus Happy to hear that it all worked out for you.
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